Wednesday, October 25, 2017

WIP October Edition

Active Projects (work on one or more of these every day or close to that)
  • Troll Hat for sale
  • Yoshi hat for Fulghum family
  • slippers for sale (also for nieces and friends)
  • Restock Stockings--make a few patchwork
  • Flap Hats-sale, also B&R Ful.
  • Bearded Hats for Kristi's son, Kaden, and Joanie's boys

Back Burner, but still on the stove
  • Restock gloves, black, heather gray
  • Make flowers and maroon and hot pink for package decor
  • Make African Flower stockings
  • Make more baby dresses
  • make more slippers
  • try a new pattern of dishcloths

  • Make more scrubbies-restock and also try a new pattern
  • Go through old stock, either donate or re-purpose items that are consistent non-sellers
  • Crochet legwarmers
  • Make a scarf/cowl like the one Tonia asked about.
  • Make a hairband something along the lines of this.
  • Go through clear tote and make sure all is dealt with there
  • Finish plarn bag 
Someday, (I hope!)
  • Reclaim yarn from thrift store sweaters
  • Make/Design Beret
  • Design/Make Potholders (for wedding gifts)
  • Make/Design Soap Socks/Savers for family, gifts, possibly etsy shop.(popcorn stitch on one side, plain on the other. (Make a soap saver, perhaps like this one)
  • Re-learn to tat.
Image courtesy of vrangtantebrun

  • Make/Design/Refine Convertible Mittens pattern
  • Go through specialty yarn, imaginate (scarves?)

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