Monday, September 29, 2014

gloves and more gloves--and what I'll do for a half-decent photo or two

 photo IMG_8638.jpg

I've been in fingerless glove mode lately.

A bit ago, I received an order for several pairs of gloves in different colors, with the caveat that each of the cable decorations be slightly different. It took me a few days (or more), but I was able to get them finished, and I really enjoyed playing around with the different cables.

 photo IMG_8389.jpg

Then I figured (as I often do) that as long as my fingers were in "glove making mode", I might as well whip out some other ones in different colors and different patterns. So I did. I moved a bunch of yarn from my stash tote to my work basket, and just got to work putting the colors together. About a week ago, I found that I had worked through all the yarn in my basket, so I took my eight pairs of gloves out to my front yard, and proceeded to photograph them for the Etsy shop.

 photo IMG_8657.jpg

I was quite a sight, lying face down on the grass, contorting my hands in front of me and through the legs of the tripod, hoping to get the perfect shot of these gloves. Several of my neighbors made their way our of or into their homes while I was thus engaged, and I shudder to think what they think of me now. (However, truth be told, I know them all, and they already know that I'm slightly eccentric but have a good heart, so I think they probably just chalked it up to business as usual with the crazy neighbor lady.)

 photo IMG_8618.jpg

 photo IMG_8671.jpg

 photo IMG_8589.jpg

Some of the shots came out a little bit overexposed unfortunately, so the next day I betook myself to the privacy of my backyard and the backdrop of my handmade Cedar wood bench to shoot a few more pics.

 photo IMG_8725.jpg

 photo IMG_8753.jpg

 photo IMG_8750.jpg

 photo IMG_8728.jpg

I'm not sure which set I like more, but it's been a fun adventure putting it all together. Next up on my "to do" list is a baby blanket that I'm making for a soon-to-be-born nephew. I'm hoping to pull together something along the lines of this:

 photo turtle.jpg

So, I guess we'll see how that all comes together.

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