Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Stocking Name Labels--How To

I had a customer recently ask me if I could make some kind of name label for a Christmas stocking for her daughter. The stockings I crochet are a little problematic with that kind of a request because the tops of the stockings aren't straight across as is true of traditional stockings. So, I did a google image search, found something that I thought might work, and put it together. 

Since I have a habit of remembering how I do these kinds of things, I thought I'd write up the instructions here. 

So, start out by printing the name you want, in large type, on cardstock.

Then, take the "slider cutter" and cut the name out. I like to line up the bottom of the name with the top of clear plastic on the slider, then cut. 

Then I line up the top, 

then each side.

Take a hole punch and punch around the name. My particular punch works well if you line the edge of the punch with the edge of the paper. 

Crochet shells around the paper, three in each hole, except on the corners, where you'll do six.

Finish off and weave in ends.

Make a hanging "rope" by crocheting forty chains. Attach to corner of label.

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