Thursday, August 26, 2010

windsor blue, linen, and frosty green

afghans made in the past two years

I've started a new afghan.


It's for one of my dear friends. She got married in June, and at the time that I heard about her upcoming wedding, I was up to my ears in orders for the etsy shop, and didn't have time to finish an afghan for the big day. So, I e-mailed her, asked her to tell me her favorite afghan colors, and promised to make her one soon. On Monday I bought the yarn (sage, denim blue and tan), and on Tuesday I started the afghan. I'd like to post pictures here, but the friend in question bops over here from time to time, and while I don't care about letting her know that I've actually started the afghan that I promised so long ago, I would just as soon wait for her to actually see it until it's done in all its beautiful yarn-ey glory. (that last sentence might be a record for most words between periods.)

I used to make afghans all the time. I would finish one, and almost immediately start another. I generally had at least one afghan made and in the closet, waiting for one of my close friends or relatives to get married, and if that took long enough that I got two or three there, I'd donate one or more to LDS Humanitarian aid, or some charity auction or something. I rarely made the same pattern twice, just because I like variety, and I love watching something new come out of my fingers. If I did the same pattern over and over again, I think I would get bored silly.

Then I started into this etsy phase (Is it a phase though? Or is is a new component of life? I guess only time will tell). I perfected my beanie-making skills, and learned how to make fingerless gloves, and cowls, and newsboy caps, and headbands, and slippers, and I'm hoping to start on bags/purses soon. It's been great fun and a great adventure (if you can call crocheting an adventure, which really, I don't think you can). From time to time though, I miss my days of afghan-ing. Afghans don't sell all that well on etsy (at least, not for me), and they are waaaaay more expensive to ship than hats and gloves. So, I don't make them as much anymore.

But they're still my absolute favorite.

Luckily, I still have lots and lots of yet-to-be married friends.

Monday, August 9, 2010

brag, brag, brag

(Hey, at least I'm honest!)

Etsy has changed things up a bit recently.

Ever since I joined (and long before that), there was the Etsy Treasury--an area where members could curate their own collections of items that are available on Etsy. The treasury was kind of a big deal, because there were only so many slots available, and the actual collections expired within three days of the time that they were curated. So, anytime any one of my items was featured, I was absolutely thrilled.

Now, Etsy still has the treasury, (actually they have three, but that's nothing we really need to go into right now) but it's unending and unlimited. So, anyone can make a treasury anytime they want to, and the collections don't expire. That makes it not as big of a deal to be featured in a treasury of course, (since there are about a million of them), but the upside is that I've found that I'm featured in more of them, and more often. So, that's kind of fun.

Anyway, just for fun, I thought I'd post links to three of my favorite treasuries that include my work. One is themed around rainy days, another around romantic evenings, and the most recent deals with the changing of the leaves.

Someday, when I have money coming out of my ears, I'll just spend the days looking at collections like these, and buying, buying, buying. For now though, window(monitor) shopping works pretty well for me.

Here are screenshots, with the links underneath:

quirky 8-10
A Romantic Evening Outside

quirky 8-10
Rainy Day

quirky 8-10
Why do the leaves turn orange and maroon in the fall?