Thursday, October 20, 2011

ugly but awesome gloves--you'll just have to trust me

So, my sister-in-law has started hosting a weekly party over on her quilting blog, where she invites (in her words) "the entire hand sewing / crafty / quilting / crochet / embroidery / ect, ect. ect. industry" to write up a post on something new that they've been trying that week, encouraging us all to keep fresh.  


Since I have been trying a few new things recently, I thought I'd participate.  So, here we go:

No picture on this one, but not long ago, I put together a proto-type of a convertible fingerless glove/mitten so that I could have access to my i-pod touch screen when I exercise in the cold weather.  To my joy, I used it this week and it worked like a charm!  

However, it is one UUUUGLYYYY little glove, and I only made one (since I only need to touch the i-pod screen with one hand).  So, no picture yet.  Still, I'm really pleased with the function.  Perhaps at some point I'll get some more made up (prettier) and list them in the etsy shop.  Only time will tell.  

* * *

And, since I need a picture to use to link up with Melissa's party, I'm going to count the baby afghan that I posted about a few weeks ago.  Sure, I didn't try it (new) this week, but I did figure out this week how to make it a little better and get a few pesky lines that were bugging me to fall into place a little better.  So I'm counting it.  No new photo though.  So, here's the same one, one more time.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Sneak Peak

So, about a month ago, I saw this afghan on Pinterest.

So cute, right?  But the girl who made the afghan had made up the pattern, and hadn't ever gotten around to writing it down.  Apparently she is planning to do so (from what I can gather from the comments to the picture), but I got antsy and decided it would be the perfect baby blanket for one or both of my two most recently born nieces (at the time I started the blanket, neither niece had been born yet.  Now they are both here.)

So, I figured out a pattern of my own that looks somewhat close, I think.  Here's a sneak peak:

salu 10-11

Now,  I've learned through my own experience that this blanket is a lot of work.  Actually, at the rate I'm going, those two nieces could very well be kindergartners. But, I'm enjoying it, so I'll see where it takes me for now.  Watch for semi-random updates on my progress, I'll try to post updates monthly or so.

. . . And, something tells me I'd better get going on something a little less intricate for the new nieces, no?