Tuesday, February 28, 2012

another blanket and some future plans

I finished this baby afghan for one of my infant nieces this past weekend.  Her nursery colors are pink and green, so I changed it up a bit from my usual pink and creme trend.

salu 3-12


Is it just me, or does it seem like I've been making a whole lot of these lately?

What?  You've noticed it too?

Well, there's a reason for that.  For the first time ever, I'm actually going to try my hand a writing up a pattern that will be for sale.  That means no "charlotte-ese" stitch talk, but rather official crochet terms written in such a way that they will be understandable to anyone who understands standard crochet abbreviations.  It's turning out to be kind of a big project, truth be told.

So, after making up four of these little guys, I think I've finally got a pattern that I feel good about.  I'm going to be making two more of these blankets, one of which will be a little less on the "girly" side, and I'll test the pattern out while making those two as well.  Then, I think I'll probably post the pattern here (for free) for a week or two, just as a little reward for those of you who do me the favor of checking in here from time to time.  After that, I'm hoping to get my graphic design ninja husband to help me put together a pdf of the pattern, and I'll list it in the etsy shop.

That's the plan anyway.  We'll see how it all turns out.

I'm linking to these parties:


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Works in Progress - February edition

So, posting my WIP list last month was so helpful to my organization, that I've decided to throw it up here again.  Voila!  Again, special thanks for Tami for making it so much more fun.

Active Projects (work on one or more of these every day or close to that)
  • Contract work for Beardbeanie.com.
  • Finish last chunky cowl for etsy shop
  • Hugs and Kisses baby blankets for Jocelyn, as well as 1 extra boy and 1 extra girl blanket to hold "in reserve" for possible future births. (See here for Jocelyn's preferred colors.)

Back Burner, but still on the stove
  • Finish up Smoky Mountain Dishcloth Restock

  • Go through everything in the clear tote, decide if I'm going to finish it or not.  If yes, put it on this list.  If no, donate it or toss it.
  • Ripple stitch blanket for Heather (?)
  • Hat for Greg
  • Secret present for Eric (c.p.)
  • Several camo hats to go with picture that Harmony took, list in shop.

  • Restock Chunky Beige Scarf

  • Restock Lacey Scarf
  • Restock Slippers

  • Restock/add to newsboy cap stock (make grey, let welchva know)
  • Restock fingerless gloves

  • Make more peach fingerless gloves, then list with pics of Barbara's

  • Make a scarf/cowl like the one Tonia asked about.
  • Work on (finish?) garden of pink baby blanket, write up pattern.
  • Make a hairband something along the lines of this.

Someday, (I hope!)
  • Reclaim yarn from thrift store sweaters
  • Make/Design Beret
  • New Winter Cap for me, using that big button and 3 already made flowers.
  • Design/Make Potholders (for wedding gifts)
  • Design/experiment with long stocking caps (Robert)
  • Afghan for M.E.C.
  • Make/Design Soap Socks for family, gifts, possibly etsy shop.(popcorn stitch on one side, plain on the other.
  • Re-learn to tat.
  • Use up scrap yarn--new living room afghan?  Grandma Long Afghan?
  • Make those dishtowels that hang from the stove
  • Make/Design leg warmers for H and other girls?
  • Make/Design/Refine Convertible Mittens pattern
  • Dodger hat for Doug
  • Go through specialty yarn, imaginate (scarves?)
  • Make infant hats with interchangeable buttons to give as shower and general new baby gifts.  
salu 1-12

And there we have the list.  I'll be interested to see what changes come on it in the next month.  Time will tell I guess.


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Monday, February 13, 2012

Bulky Cowl Pattern

This is a pattern that I've recently been working on.  I quite like it.  It's inspired by  this pattern, but I've made some changes that work better for me.


Bulky Cowl

Use two strands of yarn together.  
Size N hook

Row 1:  Chain 22, do treble in 4th chain from hook, and in each chain to end.  Chain 3, turn.
Row 2:  Work Back Post Treble in each treble to end, chain 3, turn.
Row 3:  Work Front Post Treble in each treble to end, chain 3, turn.  

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 until there are 24 rows total, or until the rectangle you are making is approximately 22 inches long.  Slip stitch ends together, twisting one side over first.  


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Convertible Cowl Pattern

salu 2-12

Here's the pattern (written in Charlotte-ese again) for a convertible cowl that I like to make.

Crochet Convertible Cowl


220 yards of worsted weight yarn (I like Patons SWS wool/soy blend, but I think they've discontinued it.  Boo!)

J Size Hook

Chain 61 and join with a sl st into back of chain (do not twist chain).  (OR, alternately, you can go ahead and work row one into the chain, and then join, being sure to slip stitch the bottom together.  This way helps me to be certain that I'm not twisting the chain.)

Row 1: Chain 2, (working in back of chain) Sc in same chain as joining. Sc in each chain around and join to first stitch.

* * * You should have 61 stitches on each row that you complete* * *

Row 2: Ch 3, (counts as first dc), skip st and dc in each Sc around. Join with sl st to top of first stitch.

Row 3:  Repeat Row 2

Row 4: Ch 2, (counts as first hdc), skip st and hdc in each around. Join with sl st to top of first stitch.

Row 5: Ch 3, (counts as first dc), skip st and dc in each hdc around. Join with sl st to top first stitch.

Rows 6-7: Repeat Row 5

Row 8: Repeat Row 4

Row 9: Repeat Row 5

Row 10: Ch 2, Sc in each dc around. Join with sl st to first stitch.

Rows 11-18 Repeat Rows 3-9

Rows 19-24 Repeats Rows 3-7

Fasten off.

Dimensions = 10” wide (laid flat) and 13” high (laid flat)


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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hat Measurements by General Age

Probably one of my all-time favorite hat pictures.  I love my three-year old, but I'll admit, sometimes I do miss the little toddler that she used to be.

As long as I'm posting things that I've found helpful (and want to have for my own easy reference), here's a little measurement chart that I often use for reference.  These aren't exact of course, but they've provided a pretty good guide for me over the years.

* * *
Head/Hat Sizes:  

Note:  Crocheted hats fit best when they are about 1 to 1 1/2 inches smaller around than the head circumference of the hats owner.  

0 to 6 months--    Hat Measurement Circumference: 13" – 15.5 "  Hat height= 6.5 - 7" 

6 to 12 months--  Hat Measurement: 15.5” to 17.5” Hat height = 7.5" 

1 to 3 years--  Hat Measurement: 17.5" to 18.5" Hat height = 8" 

3 - 10 years-- Hat Measurement: 18.5" to 19.5"  Hat height =8.5" 

Pre-teens and Teens--Hat Measurement: 19.5 " to 21"  Hat height 9-10" 

Adult Woman--  Hat Measurement :  21" - 22"  Hat height = 11"  

Adult Man--  Hat Measurement:  22" - 24"  Hat height = 11"-11.5" 
* * *

I don't generally measure the adult woman or man all that much, since I have my husband's and my head to use for reference.  But, depending on what size my little girl is at any given time, I've often found the other measurements to be invaluable.


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