Monday, October 20, 2014


In between all that glove making and stocking work, I managed to put together a new dishcloth set.

 photo IMG_7886.jpg

I call it "Auburn Stripes".

 photo IMG_7876.jpg

 photo IMG_7875.jpg

 photo IMG_7873.jpg

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!

A little less than a year ago, one of my dear friends asked me if she could pay me to make her some Christmas stockings using a pattern that she had found online. I said that I'd be happy to do that, as long as she was okay to not get them in time for Christmas. She was. So, she purchased the pattern for me, as well as the yarn in colors that she wanted, and once I got through my list of crochet "to do's", I started on them. I think it was February or so.

 photo IMG_6651.jpg

I had a ball making them. I love granny squares anyway, and so putting granny squares together into Christmas stockings was just a treat for me. In fact, it was so much of a treat that I tried to just give the stockings to my Amanda for free (she had bought the pattern and the yarn after all), but she wouldn't have it. (She's generous like that.)

 photo IMG_6647.jpg
Amanda has three daughters, hence the three stockings with a little bit of pink thrown in here and there.

 photo IMG_6631.jpg

After I finished with Amanda's stockings, I decided that, as long as I already had the pattern in my mind and in my fingers, I might as well experiment with some other color and design combinations:

 photo IMG_6803.jpg

 photo IMG_6798.jpg

 photo IMG_7730.jpg

 photo IMG_8234.jpg

 photo IMG_8238.jpg

And that my friends, is how I ended up spending a good portion of 2014 experimenting with Christmas Stockings. Not a bad way to spend a year, you know?

 photo IMG_8183.jpg

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Monday, September 29, 2014

gloves and more gloves--and what I'll do for a half-decent photo or two

 photo IMG_8638.jpg

I've been in fingerless glove mode lately.

A bit ago, I received an order for several pairs of gloves in different colors, with the caveat that each of the cable decorations be slightly different. It took me a few days (or more), but I was able to get them finished, and I really enjoyed playing around with the different cables.

 photo IMG_8389.jpg

Then I figured (as I often do) that as long as my fingers were in "glove making mode", I might as well whip out some other ones in different colors and different patterns. So I did. I moved a bunch of yarn from my stash tote to my work basket, and just got to work putting the colors together. About a week ago, I found that I had worked through all the yarn in my basket, so I took my eight pairs of gloves out to my front yard, and proceeded to photograph them for the Etsy shop.

 photo IMG_8657.jpg

I was quite a sight, lying face down on the grass, contorting my hands in front of me and through the legs of the tripod, hoping to get the perfect shot of these gloves. Several of my neighbors made their way our of or into their homes while I was thus engaged, and I shudder to think what they think of me now. (However, truth be told, I know them all, and they already know that I'm slightly eccentric but have a good heart, so I think they probably just chalked it up to business as usual with the crazy neighbor lady.)

 photo IMG_8618.jpg

 photo IMG_8671.jpg

 photo IMG_8589.jpg

Some of the shots came out a little bit overexposed unfortunately, so the next day I betook myself to the privacy of my backyard and the backdrop of my handmade Cedar wood bench to shoot a few more pics.

 photo IMG_8725.jpg

 photo IMG_8753.jpg

 photo IMG_8750.jpg

 photo IMG_8728.jpg

I'm not sure which set I like more, but it's been a fun adventure putting it all together. Next up on my "to do" list is a baby blanket that I'm making for a soon-to-be-born nephew. I'm hoping to pull together something along the lines of this:

 photo turtle.jpg

So, I guess we'll see how that all comes together.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Angel Wings

I've been trying some new things lately.  One of them is this Angel Wings Pinafore, a lovely little number that I found via Pinterest.

 photo IMG_7355.jpg

The pattern is courtesy of Bev's Country Cottage (pattern made by Maxine Gonser), and can be found (for free!) here.

 photo IMG_7354.jpg

I played around with the dimensions a bit, hoping to get something a little bit bigger than newborn size, and I managed to get this dress, which fit a little girl that is around a year old. So, I'd call it a success.

 photo IMG_7353.jpg

I think I'll try it again soon-ish, perhaps in different colors. We'll see.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

works in progress-July Edition

Active Projects (work on one or more of these every day or close to that)

  • Deepen stock of Fingerless Gloves (5 of all listings)
 photo IMG_1876.jpg

  • Stockings for the shop 

    Back Burner, but still on the stove
    • Afghan with weston yarn
    • Afghan for Maegan's baby
    • Slouchy/Beret winter hats for me (one in red/white, one in blue to match scarf)
    • Make market bag--use up other plarn
    • Make 5 Baby Girl Dresses (or sweaters) for future gifts
    • make more slippers
     photo slippers.jpg
    • restock dishcloth sets, try a new pattern

    • Make more scrubbies-restock and also try a new patternPhotobucket
    • Go through old stock, either donate or re-purpose items that are consistent non-sellers
    • Crochet legwarmers
    • Several camo hats to go with picture that Harmony took, list in shop.

    • Restock Chunky Beige Scarf
    • Restock Lacey Scarf

    • Make a scarf/cowl like the one Tonia asked about.
    • Work on (finish?) garden of pink baby blanket, write up pattern.
    • Make a hairband something along the lines of this.
    • restock Newsboy Caps (?)
    • Go through clear tote and make sure all is dealt with there

    Someday, (I hope!)
    • Reclaim yarn from thrift store sweaters
    • Try a scarf/scoodie
    • Make/Design Beret
    • New Winter Cap for me, using that big button and 3 already made flowers.
    • Design/Make Potholders (for wedding gifts)
    • Design/experiment with long stocking caps (Robert)
    • Make/Design Soap Socks/Savers for family, gifts, possibly etsy shop.(popcorn stitch on one side, plain on the other. (Make a soap saver, perhaps like this one)
    • Re-learn to tat.
    Image courtesy of vrangtantebrun

    • Make/Design leg warmers for H and other girls?
    • Make/Design/Refine Convertible Mittens pattern
    • Go through specialty yarn, imaginate (scarves?)
    • Make infant hats with interchangeable buttons to give as shower and general new baby gifts.  

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    Saturday, July 5, 2014

    Granny Squre Dishcloths

    So, I was getting bored of my standard dishcloth pattern, and I determined to try out a new one. photo IMG_7145.jpg

    This one, in fact.

    I found that the pattern made a dishcloth that was a little big for my taste, so I went ahead and decreased the number of rows that I finished. That shrunk it down to the perfect size for me.
     photo IMG_7149.jpg

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    Saturday, June 28, 2014

    scrap yarn afghan

    After my fun experience with the Basketweave Purse Pattern, I determined that I would have another go at a square from my 30 Best Afghan Squares booklet.

    This lap blanket was the result:
     photo IMG_7257.jpg

     photo IMG_7259.jpg

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