Friday, December 31, 2010

My Stuff has NEVER made it to Alaska before!

I love to make crochet items for people I know. 

And, let's be honest,

I'm also quite fond of making crochet items that then sell for cold hard cash.

So, when those two loves intersected recently, it was a lovely late Christmas present for me.

Monday night, I received an e-mail from a friend of mine.  I met her through my husband, (she and her husband had been friends with my Eric for years and years) and liked her immediately.  The limited interaction that I had with her convinced me that she was "my kind of person", but it took awhile for us to get around to lining up our schedules to actually spend some time together.  (Interestingly enough, the catalyst for all that was when we found each other's respective blogs and started commenting there.) Over the summer, we were able to get to know each other more, and I found that I enjoyed her company every bit as much as I had thought I would. 

And then, as things go sometimes, she moved across the country, from Utah to Michigan, and now we interact mostly through our blogs again.

So, when I got an e-mail from her regarding this scarf, which she wished to purchase for her sister-in-law (in Alaska!), it was a real treat for me. 

Then, when I woke up the next morning to find that she had written about the scarf on her "write-about-one-good-thing-about-every-day" blog, it was like Christmas morning all over again. 

Yet another example of how crocheting brings good things to my life. 

(Thanks, Heather.)


  1. That it does! Beautiful scarf too.

  2. Oh, how very sweet Charlotte - and I feel the same about you, I so enjoyed getting to know you and was very sad when our walks and talks were cut short by my silly move to Michigan! I am so, so happy to now be able to order your items though, they are quite lovely!!

  3. How wonderful! It is beautiful.

  4. Actually, 3 years ago I gave the then President of the National School Board, Norm Wooten, a copy of your CD as as thank you. He was attending our Utah School Board Convention. He lives in Alaska. I also gave one to the National Director of NSBA, she lives in Virginia. So you have a product, although not crocheted.

  5. I had no idea. Here I am, all over the country and I didn't even know it. Thanks mom.