Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I probably won't be able to send her to Harvard, but every little bit helps

I spent the weekend making this custom hat:

salu 12-10

. . . and a few others that are the same base color but with different flowers and trim.

I was planning to finish those up and get them photographed and posted here and on, but then on Monday, a company where I do some contract work was slammed with orders, and so I've been busy working on their inventory.  The work isn't all that creative, since I make the same item (a crochet mustache) over and over and over again, but I have to admit, it's really nice to be crocheting something for compensation without having to take pictures, choose etsy tags, write up a peppy description, post it to facebook, get an order, package it up and send it out.  Of course, the latter method is more rewarding on an internal level, but sometimes it's nice to get paid for just crocheting, without having to do all that extra stuff that goes along with the etsy shop. 


I actually have a day job where I earn part of the money that pays our mortgage and keeps our heat on, so I'm able to put any crocheting money I earn in my daughter's education fund.  It may sound weird, but I've really loved watching the balance in that account climb by $10 here and $10 there because of this little crocheting windfall.

I think back to when I was ten years old, and my mom was teaching me how to crochet by helping me make my very own manta*.  Selling my "wares" was the furthest thing from my mind back then, and probably rightly so.  Now though, thanks to the internet, and some very inventive people out in Brooklyn, NY, I can do just that.

Lucky, lucky me.

*Most people would call this a poncho, but my father always called them mantas, which is a term he picked up while he was living in Chile while he was a Mormon Missionary there. So, that's what I call them too.

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  1. I agree, sometimes the whole rigamaroll to post something is a real pain. I can't imagine how much work you have put into it with how many items you have. I have only ever posted like 12 things and I get overwhelmed.