Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Sweater Pattern

This one is more or less for my own convenience.  It's not written in a very user-friendly manner, but I can decipher it, and once I have it up here, then I always know where I can find it.  Whew!


Baby Sweater crochet pattern

Size G or H hook
Chain 65

Do 12 rows of trinity stitch

Single crochet 16 on each side for 18 rows
    Rows 15-16, only 13 stitches
    Rows 17-18, only 7 stitches

Whipstitch tops together to form a vest.  

Do sleeves*, borders, buttons, or ties.  

*Sleeves:  When stitching together tops together, also stitch together bottom six rows of trinity stitch, making a smaller armhole.  Fasten off.  

Row 1:  30 sc around armhole
Row 2-5: 30 hdc
Row 6: decrease to come to 23 sc
Row 7-10: 23 hdc
Row 11: decrease to come to 20 sc
Row 12-15:  20 hdc
Row 15: decrease to come to 17 sc
Row 17-20: 17 hdc, finish off.)

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