Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a ridiculously easy, but not always obvious, solution for the problem of lost scissors

Do you have a hard time keeping track of your scissors when you are crocheting? I used to spend about half my crocheting time looking for my scissors! (or at least, it felt that way). Either I was sitting on them, or my skein of yarn had rolled onto them, or I had placed them to the right of me, but was looking to the left . . . you get the idea, and you know the story, right?

Well, one day, about fifteen years ago, I chanced to be a Thanksgiving Dinner, and I saw one of my cousins working on some needlework in the corner. There, around her neck was a long chain with a pair of scissors safety-pinned to it. Brilliant!  Whenever she needed a little snip, there it was, she just snipped away, no looking for scissors or anything.

I've never lost my scissors since.

I don't generally use a chain per se (I'm not all that fancy), but I've used dollar-store mardi gras beads, as well as a "necklace" I made by crocheting a chain with three strands of yarn at once. Right now my holder of choice is a lanyard tag that I got at a convention I attended a few years back. Works like a charm.

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So there you are, a helpful hint for the day.


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