Thursday, January 5, 2012

little pink feet

Like many American mothers/grandmothers, every year on Christmas Eve, my mom gives us (usually homemade) pajamas.

I do not like to sew, and my little girl (age 3) already has enough pajamas (and I knew my mom would come through for her with another pair), but I like this tradition, and decided I wanted to participate as well.

So, I crocheted these up for her:


Unfortunately, after working feverishly in order to get them done in time, I then promptly forgot about them when Christmas Eve came, and she ended up opening them on Christmas morning.  It all worked out though.

She loved them.

* * a few details* *

I used this pattern, adjusting the size to fit little feet.
I used Caron Simply Soft yarn.
I got the button from

I'm hoping to make more, for other little feet.  Right now I'm in baby blanket mode though.  I've even made up my own pattern for a bobble stitch blanket.  It's not post-ready yet, but hopefully later this month.

(Don't hold your breath though--you never know about those patterns!)


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  1. Hi, Charlotte...
    I always love your creations. Great photographs!