Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Do you know about Someday Crafts?  

It's a great resource for anyone wanting to save money on home decorating, homemade fashions, and even more.  Michelle (the blogger over there) basically scours the blog world in search of free tutorials, instructions, and patterns, and posts the links for all to see, follow, and learn.  My life currently is such that I don't have/make a whole lot of time for crafting, but I have used recipes, crochet patterns, and photo ideas that I've found there, and I always enjoy scrolling through her posts to see what other people are creating. 

Anyway, Michelle is expecting her third child soon, and she had a gender reveal party a few days ago.  Several businesses offered prizes for random winners to be drawn among the people who chose correctly.  As it turned out, I entered and WON!!!

It gets even better though.  For my particular prize, I won two patterns of my choice from Inner Hooker.  Could there be a better prize for a lover-of-Crochet like me? 

Suffice it to say that the last 30 minutes of my life have been spent over there, browsing, marking favorites, dreaming, and just basking in the glory of an unexpected treat. 

What a great way to start out a Saturday!

Hope your weekend is fabulous as well.

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