Monday, February 24, 2014

Blazing Needles Indeed

So, awhile back, my mom was hanging around Salt Lake City, and she decided to go check out one of the places she and my dad lived when they were poor students at the University of Utah.

As she roamed around 1100 East and Harrison Ave, what should she spy but an exemplary specimen of Yarn Bombing!

 photo crochetbombing5.jpg

Knowing that I'd be tickled pink, and being an awesome mom, she shot some pictures for my (and now your) enjoyment. What a treat!

 photo crochetbombing.jpg

 photo crochetbombing3.jpg

 photo crochetbombing2.jpg

Thank you, Blazing Needles, for adding a little bit of quirky to my day!

 photo crochetbombing4.jpg

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