Monday, August 19, 2013

Crochet Flower Cleansing Cloths

Several months ago, I found myself presented with a few graduation announcements for some dear girls (yes, I realize that we are now in the season for school starting, not ending. What can I say? I'm behind with blogging), and I determined that the perfect gift for them would be some handmade soap, paired with a few hand-crocheted cotton washcloths.  Only, I wanted something cuter than the cloths that I generally make.

 photo IMG_3789.jpg

Enter Kara's Crochet Flower Cleansing Pads. I found this pattern through a google image search, and boy, and I ever grateful! The flowers worked up quickly, and they turned out darling. Once I get caught up on all my other projects, I hope to make several more in different colors.

 photo IMG_3787.jpg

I love making something that is pretty to look at and functional. Don't you?

 photo IMG_3785.jpg

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  1. They came out great!! Hope your friends liked them. Thanks for sharing :)