Monday, May 2, 2011


Last month my husband and I took a little trip to San Francisco.  Knowing that there would be evenings (and mornings) spent on the bed, channel surfing and basking in the ease that being temporarily childless affords, I (naturally) wanted to bring something to crochet.  However, I did not want to have to bring several different colors of yarn, several different hooks, or anything too bulky.

And that friends, is how it came to be that I boarded the plane home with a purse full of 78 citrus grove scrubbies.

salu 5-11

salut 5-11

salu 5-11

(Interestingly enough, in the catch-your-flight waiting area, the woman across me was crocheting, as was a woman catty corner from me.  Of course, our flight was a direct Oakland to Salt Lake flight, and Utahns tend to have a high percentage of crocheters per capita.  Still, kind of fun, in a nerdy kind of way.)

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