Saturday, March 27, 2010

"hot sweaty dudes with their shirts off"

I'm in the middle of another trade event over at Etsy. My inventory has been depleted considerably, particularly the inventory that's selling right now (i.e.--not hats or sweaters).

So, I'm heading to the couch to crochet for two hours and ten minutes.

New Moon came via Netflix today.

(The title of this post comes to you courtesy of Eric, who has not yet seen the film.)

(I'm not a rabid fan of the Twilight Series, but I'm definitely not above watching it from time to time.)

(Of course, I'll take Matt Damon or Ben Affleck over Taylor L. and Cedric Diggory (Robert? Is his acting name Robert?) any day.)

That's enough random for the moment.

Off to the couch!

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